• Capped ADSL
  • Uncapped ADSL
  • Dial up
  • iBurst

Capped ADSL is ADSL access that has a usage limit. Usage limits are determined by your capped option choice and your budget.

We offer capped ADSL services from 1GB to 20GB. All capped offerings can be topped-up should you run out of usable bandwidth. All top-up's fall away at the end of the month and your normal usage limit will be restored at the beginning of the new month. When requested, top-ups are effective immediately.

All capped options are provided with a combination of same cap bandwidth for local and international browsing.

All capped accounts are upgradable. Upgrades are timed for the first day of the next calendar month.

Our capped ADSL service is by far the best ADSL offering available in the South African market. Our clients constantly maintain a smooth internet browsing experience, courtesy of essential services such as email retrieval and sending being part of the local browsing compliment of their accounts.

Capped ADSL links are routed through our fibre-optic network ensuring constant high speed browsing of up to 4mb/s. (ADSL Line speed dependant)

Uncapped ADSL is a monitored service that has high bandwidth thresholds and geared at conservative users who require the assurance of a non- interrupted connection to the internet.

Un-Capped ADSL is routed through our fibre-optic or satellite network. It is aimed at businesses and internet cafés or organisations where an un-managed connection to the internet is required.

Normal Analogue 56K Dial-Up

  • Dial on demand Internet connection service
  • Operates through a normal telephone line
  • Currently the most common method of Internet and email access in South Africa

64K and 128K ISDN Dial-Up
(ISDN is an acronym for Integrated Services Digital Network)

  • Digital dial-up Internet connection service
  • Operates through an ISDN telephone line, available from Telkom on application
  • More reliable than normal dial-up and two to four times faster than an analogue 56K dial-up service
  • Depending on the speed of the line that you have, you can choose between 64K and 128k

Do you need internet access at different locations?
iBurst Wireless needs no fixed lines, so you can use it anywhere within iBurst's coverage areas.
Do you want fast, easy installation?
Installing iBurst Wireless on your system takes only a few minutes.
Does your unused data go to waste?
With iBurst Wireless, you can simply carry it over to the next month.
Do you want more choice?
iBurst Wireless offers you Month-2-Month or 24-Month contracts, the option to add extra data when you need it, as well as a choice of modems to suit your needs.
Do you need an affordable wireless internet connection?
iBurst Wireless is very competitively priced and your monthly usage can be easily managed  -  ensuring you don't overspend.
Do you want it NOW?
iBurst Wireless gives you free delivery and activation within 48 hours.

What do I need to get started?

  • You need to be in an iBurst coverage area.  Click here  to view the iBurst Wireless coverage map
  • An iBurst Wireless package
  • An iBurst Wireless modem (modem included in 24-Month contracts)







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